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04.02.2021 | Significant savings and simplifications in logistics - an investment that pays off: IoT sensor technology from comtac!

The Swiss Salt Works guarantee that enough de-icing salt is available for winter services at all times. However, this consumption can differ by up to a factor of four, depending on whether there is a rather mild or extremely cold winter. The Swiss Salt Works can deliver around 7'000 tonnes of de-icing salt per day. This places the highest demands on storage and logistics concepts.

Many winter services store the road salt in the mobile rental silos of Taufix. Additional deliveries of road salt are arranged by the customers themselves. Since the orders were often only placed when the silo was empty, the deliveries had to be made within the shortest time possible. With the comtac IoT sensor technology, the customer receives information on the current stock level as well as the consumption in the silos in order to place an order for a subsequent delivery on time. This allows the ordering process to be optimised and the follow-up deliveries to be planned at an early stage.

With the comtac solution, a radar sensor from Baumer Electric AG is attached to the silo, which transmits the filling levels daily to the headquarters via the LTE network. The customer is thus informed about the current fill level at all times and can optimise deliveries. The digitalisation of the filling levels provides the Swiss Salt Works, as well as the customers, a major optimisation in logistics and efficiency.

At the moment, an intensive test is being carried out with 20 silos. With the knowledge gained, the system can be optimised and another 260 silos can be equipped before the end of this year.

Do you also have fill levels to monitor and are interested in a cost-effective IoT concept? Contact Urs Moser, he is looking forward to hearing from you!