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01.01.2016 | Dear Andreas,

For the many years of working and tackling challenges together as an entrepreneur, showing both feelings and understanding, I would like to take this opportunity – deliberately, for all to read – to thank you.

Our joint project of entrepreneurship emerged in 2005, and with grit and determination we did not let ourselves be intimidated by the initial setbacks. This allowed us to start at elfab in 2007 Mellingen, with little more than 60 employees at the time.

Every expansion of the Group brought along changes for everyone involved, including for the two of us. Every expansion also brought with it a lot of work and the completion of the integration role for both of us. Today we can look at a group of companies that give each other support and strength.

The guiding principle of Amalthea is ingenious, comprehensible and seemingly simple: 1+1 must add up to more than just 2. Nevertheless, the success of any strategy depends on seeing it through, and that was precisely our strong point – not least because we gave more weight to the human component than in many other examples of buy-to-build approaches on the market. It takes more to than just having money and courage.

The most amazing thing, however, is that we were able to build up a Group during a time in which the market and workplace of Switzerland was beset by many difficult changes and influences. Financial and currency crises threw up challenges time and again. We both know: we bought the first machine for 1.64 CHF/EUR in 2007. And today, ”at 1.10”, we have developed to become an important player on the Swiss market, sustainable and stable, with up to 300 employees and an international setup.

The communication of ideas between us was mercurial, but fruitful. Sometimes showing more than mere agreement, at times taking opposite positions, until we reached enough of a consensus that, like good “parents”, we once again coordinated our actions internally and externally. That, I believe, must have been one of the best foundations we introduced.

I would like to thank you again for your energetic and positive work throughout the years. You always tried to move forward, even when not all the business risks were clearly evident. By doing so, you often taught us to shift the boundaries. Your tireless marketing work considerably improved the perception of our pet projects, something that very much benefits us today.

All the times we shared together, even before 2007, were eventually over. Now, after about 10 years of developing and implementing the Amalthea strategy, our time together as entrepreneurs has finally come to an end.

I wish you all the best for your future endeavours, a lucky hand and good health; the rest will take care of itself! I will do my best to steer all that we have built up together over the years towards a successful and sustainable future.