Our guiding principle

together – determined – effective

Our self-image and our values are a particular concern in today’s world. Our culture and our cooperation are important elements in ensuring our company’s long-term market success.

As an engineering centre and manufacturing service provider, we value people that work with team spirit, determination and focus on results, without losing their authenticity and humanity.

Our guiding principle should support and promote our expertise and strategic work for the future, in order to enthuse our customers and so ensure the long-term success and growth of our Group.

In our Group, we therefore promote:

  • Team players who know that success lies in team spirit and not in politics.
  • People with character, honesty, and commitment.
  • Determined personalities that help us advance thanks to their strength and expertise.
  • Colleagues with flair and dynamism who know what it means to be goal-oriented.
  • Creative minds that combine cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative solutions.
  • People who feel at home in an owner-managed and family-run company and act in a loyal and entrepreneurial way.
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Our Group’s management team has developed this guiding principle.