Team players in electronics.

Amalthea – Vision and Mission

The vision of Amalthea is the positioning of the Group as an important player in the electronics industry in Central Europe.

Based on solid manufacturing services, our goal is to steadily increase the proportion of self-developed products in our production facilities. Developing our technological expertise supports this purpose. System development and the subsequent production of these systems aptly describes the recipe for success for both our customers and ourselves. This approach provides diverse benefits for our customers, thus securing our future and our growth.

As a technology and production partner for OEM companies, we would like – also with an international setup – to maintain long-term, solid relationships with SMEs and larger mid-tier companies.

We are also looking to produce our own products and solutions that suitably complement the modern portfolio of our customers and hold out promise for our activities in sustainable markets.

Our vision also includes the systematic expansion of the Group with external and internal growth, in order to achieve the positioning target within Central Europe. For this purpose, succession planning was a possible option which has already been successfully implemented in the Group in the past.

The synergy of two companies should result in more than the mere addition of their individual market performance. That is: 1+1 must yield more than 2 in the Group.