Team players in electronics.

Amalthea – Motivation and Spirit

System development and electronics production – that is our Group’s “DNA” – whether individually or jointly. The accompanying industrialisation is often one of the main keys to the success of our customers. We are happy to complement our customers’ development resources in order to shorten time to market using our expertise and technologies.

We use intelligent and flexible production concepts to provide our customers – even those from an international environment – with competitive high-quality solutions.

Expanding our technological competencies is both our mission and our passion. With our products for digitization, we demonstrate our ability to innovate, our creativity and our ability to follow new paths.

Expansions of the Group

Other companies are added according to a clear maxim: The mutual fertilisation of ideas is the basis for Amalthea getting involved with other companies. The priority lies with strategic and operational strengthening of existing and new developments. This is an important part of Amalthea, and was also reflected in the naming process.

Useful, sustainable succession solutions for SMEs

In the past, succession planning for companies established in the market was the basis for inclusion in the Amalthea Group. Amalthea was looking for reinforcement, and the founder of the SMEs in the succession process was often faced with the following question: “How can I leave my life's work in reliable hands when – for whatever the reason – the family alone offers no all-encompassing solution?”

Expansion through excellence in EMS, technology and market expansion

The Amalthea Group is not looking to expand on the basis of succession planning alone. Expansions in the EMS sector as well as additions through technology-driven development companies or companies that open up a specific market for us will be of interest to us in the future. Here too the priority is mutual reinforcement.

We see ourselves as a team – across locations.